Laurence Astruc

Archaeologist, sp.Prehistory

CNRS Researcher

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Academic degrees

  • PhD in Prehistory,Paris X-Nanterre (2000)
  • DEA in Egyptology, Lille III University(1990)
  • Master in Egyptology, Lille III University (1989)
  • Licence in History of Art and Archaeology, Lille III University (1988)

Academic employment

  • CNRS Researcher in IFEA since 1/02/2008
  • CNRS Researcher in ArScan-UMR 7041, Nanterre (2005-2007)
  • CNRS Short-time Researcher in ArScan-UMR 7041 Nanterre (2003-2005)
  • Fondation Fyssen Fellow, Leiden University, The Netherlands (2000-2002)

Archaeological excavations and Surveys

  • Göllü dağ survey, dir. Nur Balkan-Atlı, Department of Prehistory, Istanbul University (2007-2011)
  • Archaeological excavations -annual projects and rescue excavation INRAP-in France and Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea (1984-2008)  


Regional Focus: Eastern Mediterranean Area, Central Anatolia, Upper Mesopotamia

Thematic: Technical practices and Social Transmission (manufacture, use  and curation of tools), Obsidian Procurement and Diffusion, ‘Microlithism’ and Neolithization

Methodological Key-Words: Techno-cultural Approach, Technology, Use-Wear Analysis, Archaeotribology, Archaeometry

Study or expertise of lithic tool assemblages

  • Turkey: Pınarbaşı, Aşıklı, Musular, Boncuklu (Epipaleolithic, Aceramic Neolithic, Central Anatolia), Boncuklu Tarla (Neolithic, Mardin region)
  • Northern Syria: Sabi Abyad I-II-III, Damishliyya I, Sekher el Aheimar, Kashkashok II, Dja'de el Mughara (Aceramic and Ceramic Neolithic, Balikh, Khabur and Euphrate valleys)
  • Irak: Maghzaliah (Aceramic Neolithic, Sinjar)
  • Cyprus: Shillourokambos, Khirokitia (Aceramic Neolithic)
  • Albania: Sovjan (Bronze Age)
  • France: Montou, le Trets (Middle Neolithic), Le Mas de Vignolles (Bell-Beaker Culture)
  • Switzerland : Alle-Noir Bois (Bell-Beaker Culture)

Project leader

National Research Agency (ANR), Programme Blanc 2009-2011(ANR-08-BLAN-0318-02)

'Obsidians, Technical and Social practices in Anatolia (8500-5000 BC cal.)'
IFEA in collaboration with the Istanbul University, Turkey

LTDS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

CNRS Young Researcher Program (ATIP) 2006-2008

‘Anatolian Obsidians and Network Exchanges: Methodological Approachs and Archaeological issues’ Istanbul University,Turkey

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, IFEA, LTDS-Ecole Centrale de Lyon, ArScan-UMR 7041-Paris X and I University, France

European Project (France/The Netherlands) 2000-2002, Programme d’Action Intégrée Van Gogh.

'Agriculture and Crafts related to Plant Processing'

CEPAM (CNRS, Nice University, France) and Leiden University (The Netherlands)