Arab Presence in Turkey/ présences arabes en Turquie

Arab Presence in Turkey/ présences arabes en Turquie

Seda Altuğ (The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History), Philippe Bourmaud (Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes), Olof Heilo (Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul), Franck Mermier (IFEA), Alexis Wick (American University of Beirut)

Beyond the field of expertise in international relations and political science which focuses on the stakes and consequences of AKP's policy vis-à-vis the Arab region, particularly since 2011, the study of the "Arab fact" in Turkey requires the constitution of a particular "place of knowledge" to relay and develop its own dynamics. One of the characteristics of this subject study is that it subverts the boundaries of area studies by highlighting complex contextualisation processes which cannot be apprehended from a single cultural area. By bringing together several teaching and research institutions, this seminar on Arab Presence in Turkey intends to give visibility to current research, to integrate it into the wider academic debate, and to initiate a multidisciplinary dialogue between researchers.

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Date de l'événement 26/02/2021 5:00 pm
Date de fin 26/02/2021 7:00 pm
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Seda Altuğ

The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History

Philippe Bourmaud

Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes

Olof Heilo

Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul

Alexis Wick

American University of Beirut

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