• SALLE CEZAYIR - Table ronde - Evangelicals in Istanbul today - 25/10/2018 (2)

    Jeudi 25 octobre 2018 entre 17h-20h à la salle Cezayir

    dans le cadre du colloque « Missionnaires en qualité d’experts »
    interventions en anglais
    Evangelicals in Istanbul today 
    Public discourses and politics tend to associate Christianity in Turkey with the inside ethnic minorities (Eastern Christianity) and foreign proselyte activities (Western missions). As to Protestantism, most academic works focuses on the history of American missions among Ottoman Armenians and their historical legacies, while the activities of Northern Evangelicals are designated as a threat to national unity in an extensive literature. This roundtable aims to introduce to a wide audience some realities concerning evangelical presences in Istanbul today, emphasizing on their legal arrangements, social inclusion, and concrete practices. We will point out issues regarding the local links and belongings and the religious dynamics practiced by evangelical Christians in Istanbul, whether local citizens (of Christian or Muslim background) or international immigrants (of Southern or Western origin).