ATHÈNES - Moving Seaside

ATHÈNES - Moving Seaside

The event is part of the larger project “Europe’s Neolithic Bridge: Documenting and Disseminating the Neolithic Heritage of Anatolia”. This project aims to highlight the Anatolian archaeological heritage by means of a documentary film and a series of related conferences and gatherings in Turkey as well as in Greece and in Bulgaria.

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Etkinliğin Tarihi 13/03/2020 10:00 am
Etkinliğin Bitiş Tarihi 13/03/2020 6:00 pm
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Barbara Horejs OREA (Austria)

Seafarers and Farming Pioneers Around 9000 Years Ago


Özlem Aytek Pamukkale Univ. (Turkey)

The Role of Anatolia, Mediterranean Relations During the Neolithic


Duncan Howitt-Marshall BSA (Greece)

Seafaring, Maritimity, and the Neolithisation of Cyprus


Nikos Efstratiou Univ. of Thessaloniki (Greece)

First farmers on Cyprus Shaping the brave ‘new world’: archaeological stories of transition


Peter Tomkins Univ. of Nottingham (UK)

The Social Sea. Divergent lifeways, brief encounters and intertwined histories across the southern Aegean during the seventh millennium BC


Catherine Perlès CNRS (France)

Some Methodological Problems About Aegean Connectivity and Interaction Networks

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