EJTS 20 | Heritage Production in Turkey. Actors - Issues - Scales - Part II

Heritage Production in Turkey. Actors, Issues, and Scales - Part II. Producing an Official Heritage in a Time of "Neo-Ottomanism": Critical Approaches  is the 20th installment of the European Journal of Turkish Studies at http://ejts.revues.org/4933

This is the second of two issues focusing on heritage production in contemporary Turkey. The first was released on December 2014 and can be reached at http://ejts.revues.org/4930.

Edited by Muriel Girard (ENSA, Marseilles), this issue offers offers thought-challenging insights on "Alternative heritages" against dominant neo-Ottomanism.

Table of contents

    2.a. Emergence, forgetfulness and obstacles in heritage-making process

 Aude Aylin de Tapia (EHESS, Paris/Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Istanbul)
       La Cappadoce chrétienne ottomane : un patrimoine (volontairement) oublié ?
       Ottoman Christian Cappadocia: a (deliberately) forgotten heritage? [fulltext]
 Annika Törne (Ruhr-University Bochum)
       "On the grounds where, they will walk in a hundred years' time" - Struggling with the heritage of violent past in post-genocidal Tunceli [fulltext]
 Taline Ter Minassian (INaLCO, Paris)
       Le patrimoine arménien en Turquie : de la négation à l'inversion patrimoniale
       Armenian heritage in Turkey: from denial to ambivalence [fulltext]

  2.b. Nationalism and transnationalism in identitarian claims and heritage development of diverse cultures

 Cilia Martin (EHESS, Paris/IFEA, Istanbul)
      Une réécriture urbaine. La mise en mémoire du quartier de Kurtuluş à Istanbul
      Urban rewriting process. The patrimonialisation of Kurtuluş neighborhood, Istanbul [fulltext]
   Marlene Schäfers (University of Cambridge/Université Libre de Bruxelles)
       Being sick of politics: The production of dengbêjî as Kurdish cultural heritage in contemporary Turkey [fulltext]
  Benjamin Weineck (University of Bayreuth/University of Heidelberg)
       Alevi Cultural Heritage in Turkey and Germany: Negotiating "Useable Pasts" in Transnational Space [fulltext]

Postface by Michel Rautenberg (Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne) [fulltext]

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