G. Authier - New strategies for relative clauses in Azeri and Apsheron Tat


Gilles Authier "New strategies for relative clauses in Azeri and Apsheron Tat" in Gast, Volker / Diessel, Holger (eds.) Clause Linkage in Cross-Linguistic Perspective: Data-Driven Approaches to Cross-Clausal Syntax (TiLSM 249) Berlin, Mouton De Gruyter 2012, 544 p. ISBN 978-3-11-028069-2

The volume is a collection of thirteen papers given at the “Third Syntax of the World’s Languages” conference, complemented with four additional papers as well as an introduction by the editors. All contributions deal with clause combining, focusing on one or both of the following two dimensions of analysis: properties of the clauses involved, types of dependency. The studies are data-driven and have a cross-linguistic or typological orientation. In addition to survey papers the volume contains in-depth studies of particular languages, mostly based on original data collected in recent field work.