• Anne Krebs et Franck Mermier - The Louvre Abu Dhabi: A Clash of Cosmopolitanisms?

    Krebs, Anne, & MERMIER Franck. (2019). "Louvre Abu Dhabi: a Clash of Cosmopolitanisms?". In Vincenzo Cicchelli, Sylvie Octobre and Viviane Riegel (Eds.) Louvre Abu Dhabi: a Clash of Cosmopolitanisms?. Leiden, Nederland: Brill. doi: https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004411487_015

    Gathering scholars from five continents, this edited book displaces the elitist image of cosmopolitan as well as the blame addressed to aesthetic cosmopolitanism often considered as merely cosmetic. By considering aesthetic cosmopolitanism as a tool to understand how individuals and social groups appropriate the sphere of culture in a global world, the authors are concerned with its operationalization on two strongly interwoven levels, macro and micro, structural and individual. Based on the discussion of theoretical perspectives and empirically grounded research (qualitative and quantitative, conducted in many countries), this volume unveils new insights, on tourism and food, architecture and museums, TV series and movies, rock, K-pop and samba, by providing resources for making sense of aesthetic preferences in a global perspective.

  • Atelier - Anatolian Rivers between East and West : The Cultural Aspects of Rivers - 29/9/2017 (3)

    Vendredi 29 septembre 2017 à l'IFEA
    Atelier Anatolian Rivers between East and West: Axes and Frontiers
    La langue de communication est l'anglais

    Inscription en ligne avant le 28/9 à midi : https://www.inscription-facile.com/form/Uxk1L7ziwqmW5jYkEDb4

    Istanbul (French Institute of Anatolian Studies) – Enez (Enez Excavations Directorate), Turkey

    Hydronymy, beliefs, religious practices, and mythology will be discussed. This shall contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between human communities and their environment.

    Online mandatory inscription, until 28/9 midday : http://bit.ly/fleuves

    Organizing committee

    • Anca DAN, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – École normale supérieure, labex TransferS, Paris
    • Sait BAŞARAN, Istanbul University, Professor Emeritus – Director of the Ainos excavations
    • Dominique KASSAB TEZGÖR, Bilkent University, Ankara
    • Nino INAISHVILI, Niko Berdzenishvili Institute, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi
    • Stéphane LEBRETON, Université d’Artois, Arras

    Supported by

    • Labex TransferS de l’École normale supérieure (Paris)
    • Institut Français d’Études Anatoliennes (Istanbul)
    • Enez Kazisi Baskanligi (Enez)
    • Université d’Artois (Arras)
    • Bilkent University (Ankara)
    • Shota Rustaveli University (Batumi)