Dr. Nora Seni, director of IFEA : Welcome Address – mot de bienvenue (à confirmer)
Dr. Eric Verdeil, CNRS, EVS, Lyon University : Introduction : Metropolitan energy policies as an emerging research question
Dr. Dominique Lorrain, CNRS, ENPC Paris Est University, Chaire Ville, Shanghai and its infrastructure : a learning process

11:15 Coffee Break

Dr. Jean-François Pérouse, Toulouse-II University/Galatasaray U. : The invention of a new energy governance in Turkish Cities : constraints, stakeholders and initiatives.


12:45-14:30 Break
Lunch at IFEA is offered to all attendees

Elvan Arik, Institut d’urbanisme, Lyon University : Energy policies and access to networked infrastructure in Istanbul. The case of naturel gas.
Dr. Murat Güvenç, Center of Urban research, Şehir Univerisity : Intrametropolitan Mobilty and Population Decentralization in Istanbul: an Overview on Recent Trends


Dr. Benoît Fliche, CNRS-IFEA : Domestic heating practices and energy transition in Turkish cities


Final discussion


Université Lyon 3 Jean Moulin, Galatasaray et Région Rhône Alpes, programme COOEPRA