EJTS 19 | Heritage Production in Turkey. Actors - Issues - Scales - Part I

Heritage Production in Turkey. Actors, Issues, and Scales - Part I. Producing an Official Heritage in a Time of "Neo-Ottomanism": Critical Approaches  is the 19th installment of the European Journal of Turkish Studies at http://ejts.revues.org/4930

This is the first of two issues focusing on heritage production in contemporary Turkey. The second part will be released in the 1st trimester 2015.

Edited by Muriel Girard (ENSA, Marseilles), this issue offers some insights and critical approaches to the production of an official heritage in a time of "Neo-Ottomanism".

Table of contents

Muriel Girard (ENSA)
    Ce que nous apprend le patrimoine de l’État et de la société turcs : vue d’ensemble sur ce numéro double [link]

    1.a. Making of categories, setting-up the instruments

 Stéphane Yerasimos †
              transl. Jean-François Pérouse (IFEA Istanbul)
        Le discours sur la protection du patrimoine en Turquie des Tanzimat à nos jours [link]
 Ipek Türeli (School of Architecture, McGill University)
        Heritagisation of the “Ottoman/Turkish House” in the 1970s: Istanbul-based Actors, Associations and their Networks [link]
  Vivienne Marquart (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)
        Insurmountable Tension? On the Relation of World Heritage and Rapid Urban Transformation in Istanbul [link]

1.b. Ottoman heritage as narratives and assets

   Josh Carney (Communication and Culture, Indiana University)
        Re-creating history and recreating publics: the success and failure of recent Ottoman costume dramas in Turkish media [link]
   Gizem Zencirci (Providence College)
        Civil Society’s History: New Constructions of Ottoman Heritage by the Justice and Development Party in Turkey [link 

1.c. Objects at the margins of national heritage

    Bahar Aykan (Marmara University,)
        Whose Tradition, Whose Identity? The politics of constructing “Nevruz” as intangible heritage in Turkey [link]
    Manoël Pénicaud (Idemec, LabexMed, MuCEM)
        La Maison de la Vierge à Éphèse. De la fondation à la patrimonialisation d’un sanctuaire « international » [link]

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